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What do we measure?

What do we think of the all new Nord Total Security?

NordTotal is a company from Sweden that’s been building and distributing their antivirus software called Nord Total Security. They released their first version back in 2017 and have been constantly updating the program with new features and improved usability. They recently released their third version (3.0), this time the focus has been to improve the user experience.

They now claim to have the easiest antivirus on the market. The software is easy from our testing, easy to use and easy to understand – but powerful. In our testing it detected 99.8% of all the viruses we threw at it, this is on par with products like Bitdefender, Avast, Kaspersky & Panda.

From our testing in 2020 the user experience is also very good. Gone are the days of overly complicated features and technical terms that nobody but the developers themselves understand. With Nord Total Security, a lot of work has been put into making everything user friendly, you can feel this, or at least we did when we compare it to the other programs we evaluate on a regular basis.

Another aspect of the program is the pricing from NordTotal.
Currently a license for Nord Total Security 3.0 (1PC, 12 months) costs $14.99.
This makes the software the cheapest product on the market that fulfills all requirements to be labeled as a total security suite.

The program can also be bought as a bundle with 3-5 PC licenses for affordable prices. This is part of the strategy from NordTotal, their target market is consumers with limited PC knowledge (after all, they’ve invested a lot into making the product easy). A large portion of their customers are seniors, and as we all know, far too many live on a very limited paycheck.

Support for Windows

Nord Total Security 3.0 supports Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10.
In 2020, there are almost no other antivirus products that support Windows XP, this is because Microsoft have discontinued support for this version of Windows. But there are still millions of users that use this operating system, and again, many are seniors.


  • Almost perfect virus protection score.
  • Customizable features, but with great default settings
  • Almost no impact on PC performance
  • Privacy protection features
  • Safe online banking features
  • Most affordable antivirus option today
  • Family protection with safe browsing
  • Easy to use


  • No built in VPN
  • No built in password manager
  • Only available on Windows OS

Company information

Country: Sweden
Founded in: 2017
For consumers: Yes
Publicly traded: No
Devices per license:    1 – 5
Refund policy: 14 days
Owners: Nord Antivirus AB
Supported OS: Windows XP-10

Detailed expert review

Even if NordTotal isn’t as well known as their competitors – McAfee, Kaspersky and Bitdefender – they still boast a great toolkit with a great offering for their target audience. The features are top notch and the price is just right.
When we reviewed the software we were impressed by the simplicity, it just clicked. We’ve reviewed dozens of antivirus products over the years. Nothing comes close to the ease of use featured in NordTotal. Now, the product isn’t perfect. There are two disadvantages with NordTotal over the competitors, 1) it’s Windows exclusive, meaning there are no versions for Mac, iOS or Android. and 2) there is no built in VPN (Virtual private network).

We figure the reason for these two disadvantages are actually intentional. NordTotal isn’t aimed at an audience with multiple different devices, it’s aimed at people with Windows as their primary operating system, therefore, building a version for the other operating systems would just cost them more money.

The same is true with VPN, most of the customers buying NordTotal don’t even know what it is (this is true for most of the consumers of antivirus products today). A VPN is a way to hide your internet activity, something primarily used by people to access blocked pages in their geographical location (useful if overseas). But a VPN can be purchased standalone, which is usually to be recommended.

Security of NordTotal

The most important aspect of any antivirus software is to increase the security against viruses, ransomware, spyware and other attacks or malicious content.
In our own testing, NordTotal scored a almost perfect score on this aspect of the review, a staggering 99.8% of viruses were detected and successfully removed from our testing PC. This is a score comparable with Bitdefender, Panda & Kaspersky. NordTotal is a pretty young company in the security industry (since 2017), hence there’s not as much reputation for this antivirus product.

The best kind of virus detection

We were impressed by the techniques used by NordTotal. The software employs advanced HIPS or “Host Intrustion Prevention System” which is a fancy way of saying that the software checks for behavior based signs of viruses instead of relying on the old signature based way of identifying viruses.


All in one protection

NordTotal includes 25 features packed into a small system installation. This is great news for those who just wants one antivirus. Before you needed to have one dedicated antivirus program, one anti-malware system and one privacy protection application. Now you only need NordTotal. You can see a list of all features below.


Nord Total Security comes with 25 great features.

  • Firewall
  • Privacy protection
  • Anti-SPAM
  • Anti-Phishing
  • PC-optimization
  • Real time scanning
  • Parental control
  • USB-scanning
  • Behavior based scanning
  • Startup manager
  • Process manager
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Email filter
  • Safe banking
  • Schedule virus scan
  • Gaming mode & Do not disturb mode
  • Proxy connection
  • Block unsafe websites (non-https)
  • Create your own website blacklist
  • Useful status reports
  • Real time notifications
  • Automatic updates

Optimize your PC

After using your PC for a while it’s normal to experience your computer to slow down. Downloading files and heavy use of a web browser will cause certain aspects to slow down. NordTotal offers a useful feature that’ll scan through your PC and look for aspects that’re slowing down your computer. The scan may show that you have duplicate files, unimportant files and clean up your web browser by optimizing the cache and profile settings. NordTotal will also help you increase your CPU speed which will result in a snappier feel when using your computer. It’ll feel easier and faster to use the PC.

Protect your privacy

It’s important to keep your privacy protected, in this day and age, hackers are lurking behind every corner trying to get your personal information. Just by clicking on a bad link or opening an email you can jeopardize your privacy and personal information. NordTotal keeps you safe online, with state of the art technology to protect your from phishing scams and viruses you can always feel safe when using your computer.


Simple for you, hard for hackers

We realized that NordTotal has made a great offering, for you. It’s easy to get started and easy to configure your individual settings. You’ll make it incredibly difficult for hackers to ever get any kind of information from you. All this for a very attractive price, and best of all – the team behind NordTotal isn’t doing the usual pricing tactic that other competitors are. Most of the competitors will offer their application for between $29-69 for first time users, but in the fine print they’ll include that the renewal price will be $69-119 per year.

NordTotal on the other hand is transparent with the pricing for first time users and renewal users. It’s the same price for everyone $14.99 per year. We were really impressed when we found out about this after reviewing the system.


As we previously stated, NordTotal is a newcomer to the antivirus game. But this is not shown in their support, when we posed as a regular customer and asked questions about their product we received timely and great response. Although they only have email and chat support, we had a great experience with them.


NordTotal have three different packages listed on their website, all contain the full program, same great features and same support. The difference between the packages are how many licenses you need (how many PC’s you need to protect).

1 PC = $14.99/year (first year price and renewal price)
3 PC’s = $24.99/year (first year price and renewal price)
5 PC’s = 34.99/year (first year price and renewal price)


Nord Total Security 3.0
Nord Total Security 3.0 dashboard
email filter antivirus
email filter
virtual keyboard
virtual keyboard
virus scan
virus scanning
antivirus report
Threat report
autorun manager
autorun manager
process manager
process manager
Antivirus settings
Antivirus settings
parental control windows
parental control