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McAfee security solutions

McAfee has four primary solutions for consumers when it comes to antivirus and Internet security.

McAfee Antivirus Plus
McAfee Internet Security
McAfee Total Security
McAfee LiveSafe

These programs differ in both features and price. One can easily simplify that Antivirus Plus and Internet Security combined becomes Total Security, but in a more affordable package. LiveSafe is McAfee’s latest application that also includes cloud storage for files and documents. LiveSafe is by far the most expensive program.

In this review, we go through the four antivirus programs and try to help you determine which program best suits your situation.

Country: United States
Started in: 1982
Suitable for private customers: Yes
Publicly traded: Yes
Devices per license: 1 – 99

Refund Policy: 14 days
Owner: Intel

Supported Operating Systems:

mcafee logo antivirus

McAfee’s antivirus programs are the second largest on the market. With over 500 million installations, the intel-owned security company has many customers, both companies and private individuals.

Our assessment:

McAfee was a great player during the 90’s, but had a number of less good years during the early 00’s. McAfee was acquired by Intel in 2010 and has since recovered in the antivirus market. With new strong solutions, McAfee has finally delivered a full pot in many independent antivirus tests such as AV Comparatives and AV Test. We recommend McAfee because the antivirus protection is really strong, while in most packages you get unlimited number of devices to connect to one and the same license. McAfee’s latest package also includes network protection (wifi protection), browser protection (which protects you from popups) and even a service that automatically updates all your applications in the background (to increase speed, but without having to wait for updates).

Detailed expert opinion:

As one of the oldest and most credible antivirus programs, McAfee today has a very strong offering compared to the competition that exists in the market today.
Today, all McAfee antivirus solutions / packages create with an extremely powerful antivirus engine that constantly, but resource efficiently looking for viruses that can hide in your email, USB stick, wifi network, files, images, etc. You also get protection for an unlimited number of devices, which means that buying a single license is enough to protect all your family’s devices. With support for most operating systems, McAfee is one of the most developed solutions. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and Solaris.


We were impressed when we tested the various security features that McAfee offered.
Not only is McAfee ranked in the absolute top category in terms of detection rate (how many viruses are detected) where McAfee received a full 99.8% in these tests by AV Comparatives. The company continuously adds new virus definitions and updates the software, which means that your computer is always safe, even when brand new viruses are introduced.

When you start a scan, McAfee scans your files and folders, as all other competitors do – but what sets McAfee’s products apart is that they also look for suspicious behaviors between files (for example, if files seem to move between different folders, or occasionally renamed to different names). This is then sent anonymously to McAfee’s “Threat Center” where it is analyzed and carefully searched by professional auditors.

When it comes to protecting yourself online, McAfee has long been at the forefront.
With an advanced firewall, your home network is protected from risky websites, links, emails, facebook messages, auto-downloaded programs and insecure torrent files. McAfee has also developed a protection that will help you stay safe while connected to free Wi-Fi hotspots that are available in the public. Because when anyone can access a network, anything can happen. Fortunately, the antivirus software protects against so-called Phising pages that try to copy known websites and designs (eg facebook, banks, gmail, hotmail, etc.). When you enter their login information on the page, usually without noticing that it is a fake website, they are stolen by the hacker who can use this for ID theft, blackmail or other.

McAfee also has many features for managing parental controls.
A new addition is, for example, their “Social Media Guard” which monitors you and your children’s social accounts and their activity to see if there are any dangerous individuals trying to contact. The Social Media Guard also protects against scams and similar fake contests that many children do not realize are fake.

Keep your home network safe.

Today, protecting your home network is as important as protecting your computer, but many antivirus programs do not support this feature. McAfee does and we were impressed by how thorough the protection is, it’s really well thought out – from intuitive settings to advanced features. You can control all your home networking tools directly from the “Security Management Console” as McAfee named the tool. The Security Management Console lets you see all the devices that are protected, you can find them remotely, then you can be sure that you can find your devices if they are stolen or lost. If you have many sensitive documents on a device that you fear have been stolen, you can remotely control the device, then you can lock it, or if you really want to make sure no one gets hold of your documents / files – then you can remotely reformat the entire computer (delete all content). McAfee also includes a powerful firewall that keeps all suspicious web traffic away from your computer and devices. Network Manager allows you to customize your network and you can decide who should access the network, what devices need permission to connect, etc.

Keep your computer fast

Although McAfee doesn’t have as many features as its competitors when it comes to speeding up and optimizing the performance of your computer, McAfe still does

McAfee 3Important functions

Norton Bitdefender Kaspersky McAfee Panda
Secure networking What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
VPN What is this? Yes* Yes** Yes** Yes* Yes**
Browser exploit-protection What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Definitionuppdates What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB-protection What is this? No Yes Yes Yes No
Anti-Malware What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Trojan What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Schedule scannings What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parental control What is this? Yes Yes Yes** Yes* Yes**
Anti-Spyware What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sandbox-browser What is this? Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Anti-Keylogger What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Worm What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Privacy protection What is this? Yes* No Yes** Yes** Yes**
Webcam-protection What is this? Yes Yes Yes No No
Anti-Theft What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Rootkit What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Phising What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Score 9.5 9.9 9.3 9.8 9.7
Norton Bitdefender Kaspersky McAfee Panda