Kaspersky Review and Expert advice

What do we measure?

Kaspersky security

Kaspersky has three primary solutions for consumers when it comes to antivirus and internet security.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Kaspersky Internet Security
Kaspersky Total Security

In this review, we go through the three different antivirus programs and try to help you determine which program best suits your situation.


  • Almost perfect virus protection.
    A lot of different configuration options to tailor after your needs.
  • Password manager, automatic backup and parental control.
    Almost no performance impact
  • Privacy protection
  • Secure banking
  • Child-proofyour computer


  • Vissa funktioner saknas jämfört med konkurrenter, en nämnvärd konkurrent är i detta fall McAfee Total Protection, lite dyrare men med lite bättre funktioner.

Company information

Country: Russia
Founded: 1997
For consumers: Yes
Publicly traded: No
Devices per license: 1 – 5
Refund policy:
14 days
Kaspersky Labs
Supported OS:
Kaspersky 1

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Our judgment:

Kaspersky has updated its antivirus products, primarily in the Windows PC segment. Admittedly, most virus attacks are against Windows computers, but we feel they were not wrong with a little more focus on Mac OS X. However, if you have a Windows computer, you can be lucky as the updated version really delivers excellent protection against blackmail viruses. , Trojans, RAT viruses and other common and less common virus programs. Many new features have been implemented and new product packages have arrived that allow you to get some nice features at a lower price than before.

Detailed Expert advice:

Kaspersky Labs has an outstanding protection for Windows devices, we wish this applied to Mac OS X as well, unfortunately, function is not as good for us who use Mac. Kaspersky has several different package offers, but only Internet Security is available for Mac.

This means that we do not recommend you to buy Kaspersky if you have one or more macs. Instead, take a look at McAfee Total Protection.

If you have a windows computer, just read on as Kaspersky really does a good job of fighting viruses and other junk. Kaspersky’s offer is strong, for a cheap money you get protection against the most advanced virus programs, ransomware (extortion programs), e-mail viruses, social media viruses, spyware and phising viruses and more. You can feel safe with the real-time protection that constantly checks your computer for viruses, with no noticeable impact on performance. You also get a password manager, which protects you from the so-called offline virus (someone who steals your computer and tries to log into your accounts with autofill password).

The password manager stores your passwords encrypted and secure, so that only you can use them. You also get a so-called sandboxed browser where you can manage your banking business and visit other sites that require high security / privacy.

Webcam protection, parental control and VPN are relatively new features included in the latest edition of Kaspersky Internet Security, a good program for the family who wants to ensure security while at home, in the hotel or cafe.

Internet Security is part of Kaspersky’s three different package offers, in price order (from cheapest to most expensive).

1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
2. Kaspersky Internet Security
3. Kaspersky Total Security

  1. Anti-Virusis Kaspersky’s most basic antivirus software, but it doesn’t do it badly, no, definitely not. Some functions are missing, but the foundation is strong. You are still protected against the most dangerous viruses. VPNs, parental controls, password managers, sandboxed browsers and some more features are missing from this version – but for the lower price it is a good choice for many. If you can afford it, however, it is advisable to purchase one of the slightly more expensive versions, then you will get better protection for certain specific events.
  2. Internet Security is Kaspersky’s middle segment, here you get all the features from Anti-Virus but also many features that protect you from events that happen on the web, ie when you surf to a questionable website, or when you connect to an open WiFi – then you get protection from Internet Security. The VPN service protects you from hackers who try to read your keyboard when you enter sensitive information.
    In this version, you get a sandboxed browser that protects you from sophisticated virus programs. You also get parental control.
  3. Total Security is Kaspersky’s most expensive and most advanced anti-virus software sold to individuals. You get all the features from both Anti-Virus and Internet Security as well as a backup program (automatic backup) that backs up your important files and documents, you also get file encryption and a password manager.


Kaspersky’s virus protection consists of three main components: file signature scanning (to capture already known threats), behavioral monitoring (to detect unknown “zero-day” malicious software), and cloud-based analysis of suspicious software uploaded from all Kaspersky’s customers (anonymous collection).

The most significant improvement for the latest versions of antivirus software is the ability to detect so-called “fileless” malware that is maliciously infected with RAM and does not leave any traces on the hard drive. Several times every day, Kaspersky sends out malware updates that have been discovered (Kaspersky currently has over 400 million active users helping to detect new viruses). You can set different measures of intensity for how strong the scanning of viruses should be.

Kaspersky is well-versed in independent antivirus testing of the AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST virus lab, these are companies whose full-time employment is testing antivirus software and their effectiveness in detecting malicious software. Kaspersky is good at detecting malicious software, without misidentifying files (false positives).

During four rounds, Kaspersky’s antivirus program was tested by the English testing company SE Labs, in 3/4 tests Kaspersky achieved 100% virus removal and the fourth round Kaspersky received 99%. Kaspersky managed to detect all malicious code but failed to stop 1/25 targeted attacks of the type targeted at targets that are considered “high value”, such as company leaders, politicians or celebrities. Ordinary consumers need not worry about this as targeted attacks are uncommon to ordinary home users.

Keylogging protection is included in all versions of the programs. Depending on which version you choose, you get different sophisticated solutions. For the cheaper Anti-Virus program, you get a virtual keyboard that opens on the screen that prevents keyloggers from working. For Internet Security and Total Security, you get more complex protection methods, but the virtual keyboard is included here as well, which can be good to use when typing sensitive information such as passwords, bank details or anything else.

Ease of use

A major advantage of using kaspersky products is their focus on ease of use. You quickly learn how to use the system and you probably won’t need help from the support, should it be included as usual free support. You will not be disappointed with the ease of use of any program from Kaspersky.


As previously said, free support is included for all products in the antivirus category. However, you can pay extra for special requests or if you want a support staff member to connect to your computer and go through your computer for viruses / problems. But for the vast majority of needs, you do not have to pay more than the license fee for the antivirus software.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus is relatively cheap compared to competitors such as Bitdefender, Avast, Eset, Panda & Norton, but for Internet Security and Total Security they are in line with other competitors in terms of price.