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Very good!
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What do we measure?

Bitdefender has support for up to 10 different devices which is excellent for large families or small companies.

Company information:

Country: Romania
Founded: 2001
For consumers: Yes
Publicly traded: No
Devices per license:    1-99
Refund policy:
Rekommenderat pris: 
14 dagar
OS: Bitdefender 3  Bitdefender 5  Bitdefender 7 Bitdefender 9
Bitdefender 11

Our assessment:
Based on our tests and Bitdefender’s own features, it is reasonable to say that Bitdefender’s products are best suited for those looking for a complete solution for managing all their devices or their entire family’s security with a single program, and at a relatively advantageous price. Bitdefender can also suit small to medium-sized companies that do not work with very strict security requirements (Bitdefender may still fit, but best to talk to a consultant on these occasions). In recent years, Bitdefender has flourished on the market and is now recognized as one of the world’s best antivirus programs. For Windows computers, this is really good, but we found that some functionality was missing for the Mac versions.

Detailed expert opinion:
Bitdefender was founded in 2001, which is a relatively new company within the industry and during the 2010 century has become really big for consumers and companies. Today, the company is as large as Kaspersky. With over 500 million active installations, Bitdefender is a well-known and well-used program. Best known is Bitdefender for their phenomenally powerful antivirus engine that in some cases really overcomes competitors. Independent testing lab shows that Bitdefender is clearly in the top 3 list of antivirus programs that remove most virus files. Their powerful antivirus engine coupled with a simple user interface and low performance impact makes the company’s software a very good investment.

Like several other players in the industry, Bitdefender has divided its services into different products. At the time of writing, three consumer products exist. These are:

1. Antivirus Plus
2. Internet Security
3. Total Security

All three come with slightly different features, user count and operating system.

Antivirus Plus
A good antivirus program for those who only have one computer, one Windows computer – for this version only works for Windows computers. With Antivirus Plus you get strong protection and good support.
Internet Security
This version includes features from Antivirus Plus, such as the antivirus engine. Included in this version is that you also get parental control and more advanced features such as a secure banking environment where you can carry out your banking business in an ultra-secure, specially designed browser environment. You can also install Internet Security on multiple devices, up to 10, but this version also works for Windows only.
Total Security
This version is the most complete, but also the most expensive.
You get full functionality from both Antivirus Plus and Internet Security, but with even more advanced features like the anti-theft feature that allows you to track lost or stolen devices – if you have sensitive information on your device, you can also destroy the contents, or specific documents / files . Total Security also supports more operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS).
When we tested Bitdefender for their security, we used Total Security, but Total Security’s antivirus engine is also used for Antivirus Plus and Internet Security.

In independent tests made by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, Bitdefender received very high detection rates in both brand new so-called zero-day viruses and previously known viruses. The only program that got higher points than Bitdefender Total Security was McAfee Total Protection, which got a percentage point higher, although not much and for some extra functionality it may still be worth getting Bitdefender.

Keep your home network safe.
All bitdefender subscriptions include a free WiFi security tool that lets you get real-time updates when a new, unknown device connects to your network. The Home Scanner tool will automatically scan your WiFi network continuously for open ports, security risks and potential hackers.

Keep your computer fast
An add-on program that Bitdefender offers is their PC Tune-up where a certified expert connects to your computer via a protected line and goes through your computer with you and speeds up processes and programs. You can either get a Tune-up a few times for a one-time price or get it continuously every month at a very bargain price

Up to 10 units per license
Bitdefender does not currently have a subscription with an unlimited number of devices, had they had it then the program would have received the highest rating. Bitdefender’s products have either unit licenses for 1, 3, 5 or 10 units per license.

Bitdefender has long won users because of their simple and user-friendly overview panel where you control everything from manual hard disk scans to parental controls and PC optimizers. You really get a premium look for all Bitdefender products. The antivirus industry has long been a tough market to understand, with complex language and strange words few people really understand the nuances and differences between antivirus programs, let alone how to use them. Admittedly, it is still a tough business to understand, the tricky words are left, the advanced terminology is left – but Bitdefender has made it easier to understand how to use the services.
An antivirus program can have as many features as possible, but without understanding how to use them, few can use the complex systems.

Customer service
Unlimited customer support is included in all bitdefender subscriptions. Chat, telephone and ticket systems are now opportunities to contact the support department. However, we found that e-mail support was not available to Swedish customers today. Otherwise, we were satisfied with the support we received during the tests. We received a response of between 4h and 10h depending on the support question and when we sent the support ticket away.
The telephone queues were also not very long, between 2 and 5 minutes can be expected.

For the vast majority, all bitdefender subscriptions are within a reasonable price range.
It is primarily Total Security that can go away if you want support for 10 units, for example. Antivirus Plus is probably the most affordable for many, especially for those who only need protection for Windows computers.

Bitdefender 12Important functions

Norton Bitdefender Kaspersky McAfee Panda
Secure networking What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
VPN What is this? Yes* Yes** Yes** Yes* Yes**
Browser exploit-protection What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Definitionuppdates What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB-protection What is this? No Yes Yes Yes No
Anti-Malware What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Trojan What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Schedule scannings What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parental control What is this? Yes Yes Yes** Yes* Yes**
Anti-Spyware What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sandbox-browser What is this? Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Anti-Keylogger What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Worm What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Privacy protection What is this? Yes* No Yes** Yes** Yes**
Webcam-protection What is this? Yes Yes Yes No No
Anti-Theft What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Rootkit What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Phising What is this? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Score 9.5 9.9 9.3 9.8 9.7
Norton Bitdefender Kaspersky McAfee Panda